I was struggling watching my mom this morning on hospice dump her coffee all over herself and I’m grateful to have working my working legs myself and working body even though I’m in pain I am happy to report that soon I will have surgery myself and I’m one step closer to figuring out my own health care issues I pray for resolutions and pray for everyone. I hope everyone has a great day and follow my Instagram and my Facebook if you want a updated daily updates. I applied for a couple jobs and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon ones at Michigan Works and one is at SportClipS so hopefully I will have him a couple different jobs that are less stressful soon and have my family unity as I hoped for. I hope blessed day for everyone. Blessings and Bendiciones


Today was beautiful! It was also a little off but am blessed to have another day. Praying to have peace and hope suffering ends soon.

Estoy agradecida por otro día y estar con mis hijas:)

Heritage Landing

GOTR June 1 2019

Melissa K Reyes

Native ~ Hope~ Love

May 24 2019

Today am grateful to be home. I have many plans but most of all thankful for my family even rough time. Girls on the Run 2019 /June 1

Shout out to people making dreams happen and being positive in a negative world. I strive for a better year and will make things better one step at a time.

My kids love the Batting cages just like I used to thanks for the skills Uncle Ben!!! Mom n Dad for giving me a well rounded background!!

Los Amo mucho!!

I love Muskegon and the diversity we have here. Please support people that make dreams happen not stifle creativity.

Los quiero mucho les deseo amor, paz y estabilidad al mundo! Melissa Reyes